Here are pain-specific mental health resources intended for clients of TheCounsellingCollaborative.

Publicly available pain information

  • Pain toolkit (costs apply)
  • Explain pain in less than 5 minutes video by Brainman. This has been translated to various languages.

Useful publicly available websites/apps other clients have said are useful (please note that I don’t monitor the content of these sites).


  • Headspace UK (introduction to mindfuness with meditations).
  • MoodGYM (for self-help of mild/moderate mental health conditions using CBT).
  • Pain Australia
  • APMA – Australian Pain Management Association for consumers.


These links are intended for clients of TheCounsellingCollabortive. These are publicly available sources of information about mindfulness and for the practice of mindfulness. I do not own any of these domains of information so I cannot control the accuracy of this information.

What is mindfulness?

Formal Mindfulness Practices [Links coming soon]

  • Mindfulness of breath
  • Mindfulness of thoughts
  • Mindfulness of emotions
  • Mindfulness of pain sensations
  • Body Scan
  • Self compassion exercises including compassionate friend, loving-kindness

Informal Mindfulness Practices

  • The Black Dog Institute has a great little PDF summarising how to put informal mindfulness practices in everyday life.